Best Electric Bikes 2022 Review and Things to what to look for in an Ebike

Whats the best Electric ebike I can buy in 2021 ? Whats the Best powered assist Electric bike? What makes a good E-bike or not ? How do I know I'm buying the right electric bicycle ? What is the best affordable electric bike for me ? What is battery wattages and motor size 


These are all great  questions you should be asking in order to get on the right ebike electric bicycle for you.  All these questions can have different answers for many different people. 

To answer this question first thing to ask yourself is where will you be riding your new bike at?  That will determine the style of bike. For example if you are just doing beach riding a Fat tire anything will be fine. If you are riding from home to the beach keep in mind the milage to calculate the battery life.  If you are ridding from home to the beach and back a battery with more mili amp hours will be better . Most bikes have a 500w 48v battery and motor combination so you are going to get roughly around a 20-25 mile ride out of the battery .  Doing some research on Ah and mAh would be recommended.  To put it simply, the more power and higher motor wattage your bike has the more battery power you will need to run at a long time. Lower wattage bikes will have less power but will run longer milage . 

 The best way to answer this question is to refer back to the warranty and parts.  The best ebike you can get in my opinion is one that has accessible parts and a good warranty by the supplier. All the Ebike sold at are from venders near us and they all have parts that are easily accessible to us. We get lots of calls from people who bought their bikes from amazon for example that need repairs and a majority of the times we cannot fixed those bikes because we cannot get any of their parts. With ebikes all the parts have to match connections, wattages and hardware communications.  

Tubes and tires are a good thing to consider.  Fat tire bikes are going to be more expensive a little harder to install so that is something to keep in mind. 

Pedal assist vs throttle ? Well, that is something you have to decide for yourself. 

Mid drive vs rear wheel ? Mid drive are more powerful but are mostly pedal assist only (but not in all cases). Plus they are more money generally speaking. Again this is based on the type of ridding you are going to be doing. If your just a casual rider and just want to get out there and just ride I recommend a real wheel motor for you. If you want to get a little exercise in the pedal assist might be better for you.  

As far as wattage and voltage its best to stay at the current standard of 500w 48v. You will get good power and parts will be easy to find. There are tons of options at this level and we would recommend checkin out all of our bikes to see if you see something you like.  


As far as brands, I would have to say we have the best brands (lol) but more importantly is customer service and part accessibility.  That sure you ask those questions before you buy your next electric bike . 


Please contact us for any further questions. 



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