Is Live 4 Bikes the only bike shop in Downey and Bellflower ?

Is there only one bike shop in the cities of Downey or Bellflower ?
No! There are a few other bike shop near Bellflower, Downey and Norwalk that sell and service bikes. However, Live 4 Bikes is the only shop that buy, sell, trade and repair bikes. Live 4 Bikes has being in business since 2009. Live 4 Bikes Downey location has been open since 2021 but has been servicing the Downey, Bellflower, Norwalk, Lakewood, Cerritos , Artesia, Long Beach and Paramount communities for over 13 years.  We are a family own and operated business. As a company, it is our main priority to be trustworthy, genuine, and caring for those in our community. My Mom manages and oversees the everyday operations of the Bellflower location.  My mom he has been a great part of the Live 4 Bikes legacy. She is not hard to miss, as she will greet you with a hello and a great big smile.
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Live 4 Bikes in Downey is located at 8135 Firestone Bl. Downey, CA 90241. You can find us between Paramount Blvd and Lakewood Blvd near Portos and a cross the street from the U.S. Post Office.  We are located close to South Gate, Bell Gardens and Cudahy, so we get lots of people from those areas that come to buy, sell, repair or trade in their bikes at our shop. 
Our Bellflower location’s address is 14328 Woodruff Ave. Bellflower, CA 90706. It is on the corner of Woodruff Ave and Rosecrans Ave. You will see bikes outside of both locations.  
What makes Live 4 Bikes different from all other bike shops, is we are extremely knowledgeable and we take pride in our work. What makes Live 4 Bikes stand out is, we are the only one in the area that buy and trade in used bikes. Not all bikes qualify for this program , see store for details. Most bike shops don’t do this because it can be sometimes difficult to negotiate with people over their used bike value. We try to be as fair as possible. 
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Live 4 Bikes bike shop in Downey and Bellflower services all types of bikes. We service and sell, road bikes , BMX , tricycles, Hybrids, mountain bikes, full suspension and hardballs, fixie bikes, beach cruiser and electric bikes. We repair carbon fiber , DI2, Sram AXS, dropper seat post, 1x drive trains. We are currently working on educating and training our staff on the repairing of all electric bike brands. Although we are not quite ready to fix electric bikes, we are getting there!  There will be an update to this page once all electric bike training is complete.  
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Live 4 Bikes Downey and Bellflower regularly get repairs that other bike shops can’t or won’t do. We have lots of repair components in stock so that we are ready for any repair situation.   We carry front and rear derailleurs, wheels, tires, chains , tubes and most parts that you can think of to fix your bike.  We also offer full tune-ups, cable replacements and wheel truing. We will go into more details in other articles, because that deserves its own page. 
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If Live 4 Bikes bike shop in Downey, Bellflower and other bike shops seam like we are dying breeds, its because we kind of are. Although, as local bike shops near you, do compete for your business and attention the real threat is big online retail giants. Even though you can find almost everything under the sun at a giant online retailer, you can’t beat the education, knowledge, customer service, hands on capability that you would not get from an online retailer giant. I mean, there was a time where online retailer giants were selling bicycle components and bikes lower than average retail price. We could buy them at wholesale price. Those days are not as easily doable.  Now that online retailer giants corner and have about 45% of the commences market and people are accustom to their delivery times, they have made Bike shops all over the U.S. struggle.  Our philosophy here at Live 4 Bikes bike shop in Downey and Bellflower is when a customer needs something and we don’t have it, we will refer you to other local bike shops other that an online retail giant because we know that local bike shops will have better quality parts, bikes, better customer service, better bike knowledge and even an in house bike mechanic. 
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Speaking of customer service, Live 4 Bikes bike shop in Downey and Bellflower has excellent reviews on Yelp and Google. Go check them out for yourself! And if you had a great experience we ask that you leave us a review. I will include links for Yelp and Google below. We do take into consideration the less than perfect comments and take our customer service experience very seriously. If there is any type on issue that occurs where you are unsatisfied, please allow us the opportunity to rectify the situation. We are always open to feedback and constructive criticism. We would love to hear from you! Live 4 Bikes is striving to be the best bike shop in the Downey, Bellflower and surrounding areas. When you leave a positive 5 star review, we remember that and always strive go above and beyond the call of duty because we want you to have the best overall experience possible.
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One of the things that makes Live 4 Bikes bike shop in Downey and Bellflower unique is that you might occasionally hear some saxophone, flute or singing coming out the store.  The business owner Charlie is a USC, CSULB music student. He studied music education before opening up Live 4 Bikes in Downey and Bellflower.  He is still very active with music, music production and YouTube.  You can find his music and music videos on YouTube and again we will post the links below. If you have noticed, we have included a Live 4 Bikes theme song when we post videos on Instagram @live4bikes and YouTube. Most bikes shop don’t usually have theme song or giggles but Live 4 Bikes bike shop in Downey and Bellflower does.   
We hope to help and services your bicycle in the near future. Thanks to everyone that has helped us grow our business in Downey and in Bellflower. We hope to see you soon!  Live 4 Bikes in Downey Live 4 Bikes in Bellflower