Deli Kids BMX  20x1.95 Tire - Street Skate park City Tire 50 psi - Live 4 Bikes
Deli Kids BMX  20x1.95 Tire - Street Skate park City Tire 50 psi - Live 4 Bikes

Deli Kids BMX 20x1.95 Tire - Street Skate park City Tire 50 psi - Live 4 Bikes

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Introducing the Deli Kids BMX Tire 20x1.95, designed specifically for street skate parks and city riding. This tire is crafted with utmost precision and engineered to provide an unparalleled riding experience for young BMX enthusiasts.

With a width of 20x1.95 inches, this Deli Kids BMX  20x1.95 Tire strikes the perfect balance between agility and stability, ensuring your child maintains complete control while performing tricks and maneuvers. The larger width also offers enhanced stability and balance, perfect for tackling the demands of skate parks and urban environments.

One of the standout features of the Deli Kids BMX Tire is its remarkable smoothness, which translates to reduced road resistance. The tire's construction and carefully selected materials work harmoniously to minimize friction with the road surface. This reduced resistance allows your child to glide effortlessly, conserving energy and providing a consistently smooth ride.

The lower road resistance also contributes to improved speed and maneuverability. By minimizing the friction between the tire and the road, riders can accelerate more efficiently, allowing them to achieve higher speeds and execute tricks with greater precision. This tire empowers young BMX riders to push their limits and reach new heights of performance.

Durability is another key attribute of the Deli Kids BMX Tire. Constructed from high-quality materials, it boasts exceptional resilience against the wear and tear of daily riding. Whether your child is cruising through the skate park or navigating the city streets, this tire is built to withstand the demands of their adventures.

Safety is paramount, particularly for young riders. The Deli Kids BMX Tire has been meticulously tested to meet the highest safety standards. The tire's tread pattern offers optimal traction and grip on various surfaces, ensuring your child maintains control and stability during their rides. Additionally, the tire is designed to handle up to 50 psi (pounds per square inch) of air pressure, providing a robust and secure foundation for their BMX adventures.

Upgrade your child's BMX bike with the Deli Kids BMX Tire 20x1.95 Street Skate Park City Tire and witness their riding experience elevate to new heights. Enjoy the smoothness, reduced road resistance, durability, and safety that this exceptional tire offers. Let your child ride with confidence and conquer the streets like a true BMX pro.


When it comes to mastering the art of  BMX riding, having the right equipment is essential. Among the key components, 20 in BMX tires play a crucial role in determining your performance and overall experience on the streets and in the skate park. In this article, we will explore the benefits of high-performance 20 in BMX tires , emphasizing how they can elevate your ride and provide an enhanced level of safety and durability, preventing those frustrating flat tires.

  1. Unparalleled Grip: One of the primary advantages of investing in high-performance 20 in BMX tires  is the exceptional grip they offer. Riding on the streets and in the skate park demands precision and control, and superior tire grip can make all the difference. These specialized 20 in BMX tires  are designed with advanced rubber compounds and tread patterns, maximizing traction on various surfaces, including concrete, asphalt, and ramps. The enhanced grip allows riders to confidently execute tricks, turns, and jumps, enabling them to push their limits to new heights.

  2. Increased Speed and Maneuverability: High-performance 20 in BMX tires  are engineered to deliver optimal speed and maneuverability. By reducing rolling resistance and improving acceleration, these 20 in BMX tires  allow riders to achieve higher speeds with less effort. Additionally, their lightweight construction and responsive design enable quick and precise maneuvering, essential for executing intricate tricks and stunts. The combination of enhanced speed and agility empowers riders to take their street and skate park performances to the next level. A good 20 in BMX tire makes a difference. 

  3. Enhanced Durability: One of the most frustrating occurrences for any BMX rider is encountering frequent flat tires. However, high-quality 20 in BMX tires are built to withstand the demanding nature of BMX riding, reducing the risk of flats. These tires are constructed using durable materials, reinforced sidewalls, and puncture-resistant technologies, ensuring they can withstand the impact of landings, grinds, and other high-impact maneuvers. With improved durability, riders can focus more on their skills and less on maintenance, enjoying longer rides without interruptions. A better quality 20 in BMX tires can last longer and maybe cost less in the long haul. 

  4. Versatility: BMX riders often transition between different terrains, from smooth streets to rugged skate parks. High-performance 20 in BMX tires  are designed to cater to these versatile riding conditions. 20 in BMX tires  adaptability enables seamless transitions, providing excellent grip and control across various surfaces. Whether you're riding on concrete, wooden ramps, or even dirt, a high-quality 20 in BMX tires ensures consistent performance, allowing you to explore different riding environments without compromising your experience.

 Investing in high-performance 20 in BMX tires  is a game-changer for riders seeking to maximize their potential on the streets and in the skate park. The exceptional grip, increased speed, maneuverability, enhanced durability, and versatility of these 20 in BMX tires  contribute to an elevated riding experience. Moreover, their ability to prevent flats ensures that riders can focus on honing their skills without the frustration of unexpected tire punctures. So, equip your BMX with high-quality 20 in BMX tires  and unleash the full potential of your riding prowess, taking your street and skate park adventures to new heights.

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