Fuji Declaration Fixie Single Speed Khaki  Green City BIke 55 cm Steel

Fuji Declaration Fixie Single Speed Khaki Green City BIke 55 cm Steel

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Introducing the Fuji Declaration Fixie Green Bike - the fashionable, no-fuss way to get around the city! This single-speed bike is just what you need for a chic, effortless ride around town. With its classic design, the Fuji Declaration fixie will turn heads wherever it goes and become the centre of conversation. Enjoy the convenience of a lightweight and low maintenance fixie that perfectly combines style, affordability and sustainability. Whether you choose to go vintage or modern, with the Fuji Declaration fixie, you can make a statement without saying a word. No more compromises - get your daily dose of exercise while cutting down on your carbon footprint; this city bike is biking heaven!

 If you're looking for a bike that's equal parts performance and style, the Fuji Declaration fixie green is the perfect ride for you! This single speed, city bike is designed to help you navigate the hustle and bustle of the city in style, while offering you the agility and precision of a true fixie. Enjoy the classic looks of a vintage bicycle, while benefiting from modern technology and renowned Fuji quality. The Declaration Fixie Green is the ideal companion for your urban escapades – so go ahead, declare your independence and blaze a trail on the Fuji Declaration fixie green!