Lizard Skins Bar Tape dsp mint green

Lizard Skins Bar Tape dsp mint green

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DSP (Durasoft Polymer)
-Designed to be tacky in wet conditions
-Provides increased shock absorption
-Great feel
-DSP Bar Tape V2 features a new pattern, an upgraded polymer and a screw-in bar plug. The new pattern is more technical with a new design and multiple layers of depth. The polymer has new formula enhanced for more durability and comfort.
-Available for Pickup within 2 to 1 businesses days


Choosing Bar Tape
Types of Bar Tape
Bar Tape Features
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Everything You Need to Know About Choosing Bicycle Bar Tape


Bicycle bar tape is a critical component for ensuring a comfortable and secure grip on your handlebars. Choosing the right bar tape involves considering various factors such as material, thickness, and texture. In this guide, we'll explore everything you need to know about selecting the perfect bicycle bar tape for your needs.

Material and Comfort:

  • Cork: Provides excellent shock absorption and comfort, ideal for long rides.
  • Foam: Lightweight and cushioned, suitable for riders who prefer a softer grip.
  • Leather: Durable and stylish, offering a classic look and feel.
  • Microfiber: High durability and grip, perfect for all-weather conditions.

Thickness and Cushioning:

  • Thin: Provides a direct feel for better control, preferred by competitive cyclists.
  • Medium: Offers a balance between comfort and control, suitable for most riders.
  • Thick: Maximizes cushioning for superior comfort on rough terrain or long rides.

Texture and Grip:

  • Smooth: Easy to clean and maintain, offering a sleek look.
  • Tacky: Enhanced grip, especially useful in wet or sweaty conditions.
  • Textured: Provides additional grip and control, ideal for off-road or aggressive riding.


Choosing the right bicycle bar tape can significantly enhance your riding experience. By considering factors like material, thickness, and texture, you can find bar tape that meets your needs and preferences, ensuring comfort and control on every ride.

Understanding Different Types of Bicycle Bar Tape

There are various types of bicycle bar tape designed for different riding styles and conditions. Here's an overview of the most common types:

Cork Bar Tape:

Cork bar tape is popular for its comfort and vibration-damping properties. Key features include:

  • Excellent shock absorption
  • Comfortable for long rides
  • Natural feel and grip
  • Easy to wrap and replace

Foam Bar Tape:

Foam bar tape is lightweight and provides a soft grip. Features include:

  • Lightweight construction
  • Good cushioning and comfort
  • Affordable and easy to install
  • Suitable for various riding styles

Leather Bar Tape:

Leather bar tape offers durability and a classic look. Features include:

  • Long-lasting durability
  • Stylish and elegant appearance
  • Comfortable grip with time
  • Ideal for vintage or classic bikes

Microfiber Bar Tape:

Microfiber bar tape is known for its high durability and grip. Key attributes include:

  • Resistant to wear and tear
  • Excellent grip in all conditions
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Versatile for various bike types

By understanding the different types of bicycle bar tape, you can choose the one that best suits your bike and riding needs, ensuring maximum comfort and control.

Essential Features of High-Quality Bicycle Bar Tape

When selecting bicycle bar tape, itÕs important to consider the features that will enhance your riding experience. HereÕs a detailed look at the key features to look for:


Durable materials are essential for long-lasting bar tape. Look for materials like high-quality cork, foam, leather, or microfiber that can withstand regular use and various weather conditions.


The comfort of the bar tape is crucial for long rides. Choose a thickness that provides adequate cushioning to reduce hand fatigue.


Good grip is essential for control, especially in wet or sweaty conditions. Look for bar tape with a textured or tacky surface for enhanced grip.

Ease of Installation:

Choose bar tape that is easy to wrap and doesnÕt require specialized tools. This ensures you can set it up quickly and efficiently.


Look for bar tape that is easy to clean and maintain. This keeps your bike looking good and ensures the tape lasts longer.

By paying attention to these features, you can select bicycle bar tape that enhances your comfort, control, and overall riding experience.

Why Choose Us

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