Maxxis Hookworm Wire Bead City Bmx Tire 26, 29 x 2.5 Street Tire  -Live4Bikes
Maxxis Hookworm Wire Bead City Bmx Tire 26, 29 x 2.5 Street Tire  -Live4Bikes
Maxxis Hookworm Wire Bead City Bmx Tire 26, 29 x 2.5 Street Tire  -Live4Bikes
Maxxis Hookworm Wire Bead City Bmx Tire 26, 29 x 2.5 Street Tire  -Live4Bikes
Maxxis Hookworm Wire Bead City Bmx Tire 26, 29 x 2.5 Street Tire  -Live4Bikes

Maxxis Hookworm Wire Bead City Bmx Tire 26, 29 x 2.5 Street Tire -Live4Bikes

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 The Maxxis Hookworm Wire Bead City BMX Tire in 29x2.5 size is a high-performance tire designed for urban and freestyle BMX riding. Here are some of its key features:

  1. Tread design: The Maxxis Hookworm Wire Bead City tire has a unique tread design with a large contact patch that provides excellent grip and control on pavement and hard surfaces. The tread pattern is optimized for smooth, fast riding and features a continuous center ridge for low rolling resistance.

  2. Durability: The Maxxis Hookworm Wire Bead City BMX tire features Maxxis' MaxxPro compound, which provides enhanced durability and long-lasting performance. The Hookworm also has a wire bead construction that makes it more durable and resistant to cuts and punctures.

  3. Size: The Hookworm comes in a 29x2.5 size, which is larger than most BMX tires. This provides a larger contact patch and increased stability and control at higher speeds.

  4. Versatility: While designed for BMX riding, the Hookworm is also suitable for use on urban and commuter bikes. It provides excellent performance on pavement and hard surfaces, and its large size and tread pattern make it a good choice for riders who want to tackle a variety of terrain types.

  5. Style: The Hookworm has a distinctive and stylish appearance, with a red and black sidewall design that looks great on any BMX or urban bike.

Overall, the Maxxis Hookworm Wire Bead City BMX Tire in 29x2.5 size is a high-performance tire that is ideal for urban and freestyle BMX riding, as well as for use on commuter and urban bikes. Its unique tread design, durability, size, versatility, and style make it a popular choice among serious riders.


SIZE 29” x 2.5"
CONDITIONS Pavement, concrete
TPI 60
COMPOUND Single 60a
PROTECTION Bead-to-bead
TYPE Clincher
WEIGHT 1125 g


Certainly! Here's a product description for the Maxxis Hookworm BMX Tire in the size 29x2.5:

The Maxxis Hookworm BMX Tire in the size 29x2.5 is a versatile and high-performance tire designed specifically for BMX enthusiasts seeking exceptional performance on the streets and in skate parks. With its robust construction and impressive features, the Maxxis Hookworm Wire Bead City BMX tire offers riders unparalleled control and durability.

Measuring 29 inches in diameter and 2.5 inches in width, the Maxxis Hookworm BMX Tire provides a wider footprint, delivering enhanced stability and grip on various surfaces. The larger size ensures a smooth and comfortable ride, allowing riders to confidently tackle urban environments and perform tricks with ease.

Built for the demands of street and freestyle riding, the Maxxis Hookworm features a durable and puncture-resistant casing that can withstand the rigors of aggressive riding. Its sturdy sidewalls provide excellent support and minimize the risk of damage during high-impact maneuvers.

Equipped with a specially designed tread pattern, the Maxxis Hookworm tire excels in providing exceptional traction and control. The square knobs on the tread offer consistent grip on both dry and wet surfaces, allowing riders to maintain stability and execute precise movements while riding or performing tricks.

Whether you're grinding rails, carving corners, or launching off ramps, the Maxxis Hookworm BMX Tire is engineered to deliver top-notch performance and reliability. Its combination of strength, grip, and maneuverability make it an ideal choice for urban riders looking to push the boundaries of their BMX experience.

Upgrade your BMX bike with the Maxxis Hookworm BMX Tire in the size 29x2.5 and experience the ultimate in performance, durability, and control. Ride with confidence and dominate the streets and skate parks with this exceptional BMX tire. 

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Title: Exploring the World of 29-Inch BMX Tires: Types, Treads, and Brands


In the fast-paced and thrilling world of BMX (Bicycle Motocross) riding, every component of the bike plays a crucial role in performance, and tires are no exception. While traditional BMX bikes have typically used 20-inch tires, the rise of 29-inch BMX tires has introduced new possibilities for riders seeking enhanced speed, stability, and maneuverability. In this article, we will delve into the realm of 29-inch BMX tires, discussing the different types, treads, and brands available.

Types of 29-Inch BMX Tires

1. Street Tires:
Street tires are designed to excel on smooth surfaces, such as skate parks, concrete, and asphalt. They offer minimal rolling resistance and excellent grip on hard surfaces, allowing riders to perform tricks and maneuvers with precision. Street tires often feature a slick or semi-slick tread pattern to maximize speed and reduce noise.

2. Dirt/Trails Tires:
Dirt or trails tires are engineered for off-road BMX riding, providing superior traction and control on loose or muddy terrain. These tires typically feature deeper and more aggressive tread patterns to bite into the ground, ensuring stability and preventing slippage during jumps, turns, and landings.

3. All-Round Tires:
As the name suggests, all-round tires aim to strike a balance between street and dirt/trails capabilities. They are versatile options for riders who enjoy both park and off-road riding. All-round tires usually have a moderate tread pattern that allows for efficient rolling on hard surfaces while still offering sufficient grip on loose terrain.

Tread Patterns

1. Slick Treads:
Slick treads feature a smooth and continuous surface, without any knobs or grooves. These treads prioritize low rolling resistance, making them ideal for street riding and skate parks. Slick treads allow for quick acceleration and high speeds, but they may lack traction on loose surfaces.

2. Knobby Treads:
Knobby treads are characterized by a series of raised knobs or lugs distributed across the tire's surface. These knobs provide increased grip and control on loose or uneven terrain, making them suitable for dirt tracks, trails, and off-road riding. However, they can produce more rolling resistance on smooth surfaces.

3. Hybrid Treads:
Hybrid treads combine elements of both slick and knobby designs, offering a versatile solution for riders who frequently switch between different terrains. They feature a combination of smooth sections for reduced rolling resistance and knobs for enhanced traction during off-road excursions.

Prominent Brands

1. Maxxis:
Maxxis is a well-known brand in the BMX tire market, offering a wide range of high-quality options for various riding styles. Their 29-inch BMX tires are recognized for their durability, traction, and performance. Maxxis tires often feature cutting-edge technologies and materials to provide exceptional performance in different riding conditions.

2. Kenda:
Kenda is another reputable brand that produces a diverse selection of 29-inch BMX tires. They offer models suitable for street, dirt, and all-round riding, catering to the needs of riders with different preferences. Kenda tires are known for their robust construction, grip, and affordability.

3. Schwalbe:
Schwalbe is a brand synonymous with premium bicycle tires, including those designed for BMX riding. Their 29-inch offerings combine durability, lightweight construction, and excellent traction. Schwalbe tires often incorporate innovative features to enhance performance, such as advanced rubber compounds and puncture-resistant technologies.

4. Maxxis , hookworms:

The maxxis hookworms are mount the most popular style of bmx tires. This Bmx 29 in tires are used by SE , Throne and Gt bmx bike riders. They are a good quality smooth city thread . 

5. SE  Bozak Tires. 

Any SE related is going to be great quality, super popular and great looking .  Can't go wrong with an SE Bozak tire. 

The emergence of 29-inch BMX tires has expanded the possibilities for riders, providing enhanced speed, stability, and versatility on various terrains