Topeak Omni Ridecase Ii W/Stem Mult-Mnt,Fits 6.9''  Omni Ridecase Ii  Cellphone

Topeak Omni Ridecase Ii W/Stem Mult-Mnt,Fits 6.9'' Omni Ridecase Ii Cellphone

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The second generation OMNI RIDECASE
-Features enhanced stability and improved mounting positions
-High quality, ultra-elastic silicone grippers holds device
-Includes a STEM MULTI-MOUNT for versatile mounting options
-Features landscape or portrait viewing
-12 x 3.5 x 3 cm
-6.9'' Screen
-Ultra-elastic silicone
-The second generation OMNI RIDECASE features enhanced stability and improved mounting positions to prevent blocking the camera or interfering with gesture controls. High quality, ultra-elastic silicone grippers tightly hold your phone.
-Available for Pickup within 2 to 1 businesses days

Choosing Bicycle Phone Holders
Types of Bicycle Phone Holders
Features of Bicycle Phone Holders
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Everything You Need to Know About Choosing Bicycle Phone Holders


Choosing the right bicycle phone holder is essential for a safe and convenient cycling experience. Bicycle phone holders, also known as bike phone mounts, securely hold your smartphone while you ride, allowing you to navigate, track your progress, or listen to music hands-free. A well-chosen phone holder ensures that your device remains stable and easily accessible, enhancing your overall cycling experience. Whether you are a commuter, a fitness enthusiast, or a long-distance cyclist, understanding the key factors in selecting a bicycle phone holder is crucial. From the mounting mechanism to the compatibility with your phone, every aspect of a phone holder plays a role in your convenience and safety on the bike.

When choosing a bicycle phone holder, consider the type of riding you do most often. Different holders are designed for road cycling, mountain biking, touring, or commuting. Each type of holder offers specific features to accommodate the unique demands of these activities. For example, a road bike phone holder might focus on aerodynamics and minimalistic design, while a mountain bike phone holder may emphasize ruggedness and shock absorption.

In addition to the type of riding, consider your phone's size and the holder's adjustability. Ensure the holder is compatible with your phone model and can accommodate any protective case you use. Many phone holders offer adjustable grips and rotating mounts to provide the best viewing angle. Investing time in selecting the right phone holder can make a significant difference in your cycling safety and convenience.

Understanding Different Types of Bicycle Phone Holders

There are various types of bicycle phone holders designed to suit different cycling needs and preferences. HereÕs an overview of the most common types:

Handlebar Mounts:

Handlebar mounts are the most popular type of bicycle phone holders. Key features include:

  • Easy installation on the handlebars
  • Adjustable grips to fit various phone sizes
  • Rotatable mounts for optimal viewing angles

Handlebar mounts are ideal for most cyclists due to their versatility and ease of use. They allow you to keep your phone in view while riding, making it easy to follow navigation apps or monitor your performance. The adjustable grips ensure a secure fit for different phone models, while the rotatable mounts let you position your phone for the best visibility.

When choosing a handlebar mount, consider models with quick-release mechanisms for easy removal. Look for holders with sturdy construction and vibration-damping features to keep your phone stable on rough roads. Handlebar mounts are suitable for road bikes, mountain bikes, and commuter bikes alike.

Stem Mounts:

Stem mounts attach to the bike's stem and offer a stable and centered position. Features include:

  • Centralized location for balanced weight distribution
  • Secure attachment to the bike stem
  • Compact design to reduce handlebar clutter

Stem mounts are perfect for cyclists who prefer a central position for their phone. This type of mount keeps the phone aligned with the bike's frame, providing a balanced weight distribution and a clear line of sight. The compact design of stem mounts helps keep your handlebars uncluttered, which is especially beneficial for road cyclists focused on aerodynamics.

When selecting a stem mount, ensure it is compatible with your bike's stem size and design. Some models offer adjustable arms or universal adapters to fit various phone sizes. Stem mounts are a great choice for road bikes and touring bikes where a streamlined setup is essential.

Top Tube Bags with Phone Holders:

Top tube bags with integrated phone holders offer storage and accessibility. Features include:

  • Storage space for essentials like keys, snacks, and tools
  • Clear phone compartment for easy viewing and touch screen access
  • Secure attachment to the top tube

Top tube bags with phone holders are ideal for cyclists who need extra storage space along with phone accessibility. These bags attach securely to the bike's top tube and provide a clear, touch-sensitive compartment for your phone. This setup allows you to keep your phone visible and accessible while also carrying other essentials.

Look for top tube bags with water-resistant materials and zippers to protect your belongings from the elements. Some models feature additional pockets and compartments for organized storage. Top tube bags with phone holders are suitable for touring, commuting, and casual riding.

Out-Front Mounts:

Out-front mounts position the phone ahead of the handlebars for an unobstructed view. Features include:

  • Ahead-of-handlebar positioning for clear visibility
  • Stable and secure attachment to the handlebar
  • Aerodynamic design for reduced drag

Out-front mounts are designed for cyclists who want an unobstructed view of their phone while riding. By positioning the phone ahead of the handlebars, these mounts provide a clear and easy-to-read display. The stable attachment ensures that your phone remains secure even on bumpy rides.

When choosing an out-front mount, consider models with adjustable angles and quick-release mechanisms. These features allow you to easily adjust the viewing angle and remove your phone when needed. Out-front mounts are particularly popular among road cyclists and competitive riders who need quick access to their phone's data and navigation features.

Key Features to Look for in Bicycle Phone Holders


Security is a crucial aspect of bicycle phone holders. Features to consider include:

  • Strong grip to prevent phone slippage
  • Secure locking mechanisms
  • Shock-absorbing materials to protect your phone

Secure bicycle phone holders are designed to keep your phone firmly in place, even on rough terrains. A strong grip prevents your phone from slipping, while secure locking mechanisms ensure that it stays attached to the holder. Shock-absorbing materials protect your phone from vibrations and impacts, reducing the risk of damage during your ride.

For maximum security, look for phone holders with additional safety features such as silicone bands or rubberized grips. These materials provide extra friction and hold, keeping your phone secure even during intense rides. Security is especially important for mountain biking and off-road cycling where the terrain can be unpredictable.

Ease of Use:

Ease of use is essential for convenient phone access while riding. Features to look for include:

  • Quick-release mechanisms for easy phone removal
  • Adjustable angles for optimal viewing
  • One-handed operation for on-the-go adjustments

Bicycle phone holders that are easy to use enhance your overall cycling experience. Quick-release mechanisms allow you to remove and attach your phone effortlessly, while adjustable angles let you find the best viewing position. One-handed operation is particularly beneficial for making adjustments on the go without interrupting your ride.

Consider phone holders with intuitive designs and user-friendly features. Models with tool-free installation and adjustment options are ideal for cyclists who frequently switch between different bikes or need to make quick changes. Ease of use ensures that you can focus on your ride while keeping your phone accessible.


Durability is key for a long-lasting bicycle phone holder. Features to consider include:

  • High-quality materials for longevity
  • Weather-resistant construction for all conditions
  • Reinforced components to withstand regular use

Durable bicycle phone holders are built to withstand the rigors of cycling and exposure to various weather conditions. High-quality materials, such as aluminum or tough plastics, ensure that the holder remains intact and functional over time. Weather-resistant construction protects your phone from rain, sun, and dust, making the holder suitable for all-season use.

Look for phone holders with reinforced components, such as metal clamps or thick rubber grips, to ensure they can handle regular use and rough rides. Durable models offer long-term reliability, reducing the need for frequent replacements. Durability is particularly important for long-distance cyclists and those who ride in diverse environments.


Versatility enhances the functionality of bicycle phone holders. Features to look for include:

  • Compatibility with different phone sizes
  • Adjustable mounts for various handlebar types
  • Multi-functional designs for added convenience

Versatile bicycle phone holders adapt to different phones and bike setups, providing a flexible solution for various cycling needs. Compatibility with different phone sizes ensures that the holder can accommodate a wide range of devices, including those with protective cases. Adjustable mounts allow you to use the holder on different handlebar types, from standard road bike bars to wide mountain bike handlebars.

Consider phone holders with multi-functional designs, such as those that double as a phone stand when off the bike. These features add convenience and enhance the overall usability of the holder. Versatility is especially beneficial for cyclists who use multiple bikes or upgrade their phones frequently.

Why Choose Us

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