Wald Basket,Frnt,#137Gb,Blk 15 X 10 X 4.75 #137 Medium Basket Wald Baskets

Wald Basket,Frnt,#137Gb,Blk 15 X 10 X 4.75 #137 Medium Basket Wald Baskets

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15'' x 10'' x 4.75''
-Extended handlebar clamp fits 7/8, 1 and 1-1/4'' bars
-1-3/4'' apart to offer clearance for shift and brake cables
-15 x 10 x 4.75''
-Stationary holder
-The 157's little brother, this basket is just as functional. Some people don't need to cart around large pizzas or multiple full size grocery bags, so this basket is for the more streamlined commuters and delivery pros.
-Available for Pickup within 2 to 1 businesses days

Bicycle Baskets

Choosing a Basket
Types of Baskets
Basket Features
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Everything You Need to Know About Choosing a Bicycle Basket


Bicycle baskets are essential for enhancing your carrying capacity and convenience while riding. Choosing the right basket involves considering various factors such as size, material, and mounting style. In this guide, we'll explore everything you need to know about selecting the perfect bicycle basket for your needs.

Size and Capacity:

  • Small Baskets: Ideal for carrying light items such as personal belongings and small groceries.
  • Medium Baskets: A balance between size and capacity, suitable for everyday use and moderate loads.
  • Large Baskets: Perfect for transporting larger items or bulkier loads, offering maximum storage space.

Material and Durability:

  • Wicker: Traditional and stylish, providing a classic look and decent durability.
  • Metal: Offers robust strength and can handle heavier items, making it a durable choice.
  • Plastic: Lightweight and weather-resistant, ideal for various weather conditions and easy maintenance.

Mounting Style:

  • Front Mount: Convenient for quick access to items, often attached to handlebars.
  • Rear Mount: Provides better stability for heavier loads, usually attached to a rear rack.
  • Quick-Release: Allows easy removal and attachment, adding versatility and convenience.


Choosing the right bicycle basket can significantly enhance your riding experience. By considering factors like size, material, and mounting style, you can find a basket that meets your needs and preferences, ensuring convenience and practicality on every ride.

Types of Baskets

Understanding Different Types of Bicycle Baskets

There are various types of bicycle baskets designed for different carrying needs and styles. Here's an overview of the most common types:

Handlebar Baskets:

Handlebar baskets are designed for easy access and quick attachment. They offer convenient storage for light to moderate loads. Key features include:

  • Easy to mount on handlebars
  • Quick access to items while riding
  • Ideal for small to medium-sized loads
  • Available in various materials and styles

Rear Baskets:

Rear baskets are mounted on the rear rack and are perfect for carrying heavier and bulkier items. They often include features like:

  • Greater stability for larger loads
  • Durable and strong construction
  • Ample storage space for groceries or gear
  • Often includes secure attachment systems

Pet Baskets:

Pet baskets are specifically designed for safely transporting small pets. Features include:

  • Secure straps or enclosures to keep pets safe
  • Comfortable padding for your pet's comfort
  • Ventilation to ensure airflow
  • Sturdy construction to handle the pet's weight

Shopping Baskets:

Shopping baskets are designed for convenience and practicality, focusing on carrying groceries and everyday items. Key attributes include:

  • Spacious and durable design
  • Easy to detach and carry into stores
  • Sturdy construction to handle heavy loads
  • Secure mounting to prevent spills

By understanding the different types of bicycle baskets, you can choose the one that best suits your carrying needs and riding style, ensuring maximum convenience and functionality.

Basket Features

Essential Features of High-Quality Bicycle Baskets

When selecting a bicycle basket, itÕs important to consider the features that will enhance your carrying experience. HereÕs a detailed look at the key features to look for:


Durable materials are essential for a long-lasting basket. Look for materials like metal, plastic, or high-quality wicker that can withstand the elements and regular use.

Weather Resistance:

A good bicycle basket should resist weather conditions, keeping your items safe and dry. This feature is crucial for maintaining the basket's integrity and protecting your belongings.

Mounting Mechanism:

Secure and easy-to-use mounting mechanisms are vital for stability. Look for baskets with reliable attachment systems that keep the basket firmly in place.


The capacity of your basket should match your carrying needs. Ensure the basket can comfortably hold your typical load, whether it's groceries, gear, or personal items.

Reflective Elements:

Safety is paramount, especially when riding in low-light conditions. Baskets with reflective strips or accents enhance your visibility to other road users.


The style of your basket can complement your bike's aesthetics. Choose from various designs, from classic wicker to modern metal, to match your personal style.

Ease of Use:

Quick-release features and easy-access designs make using your basket more convenient. Look for baskets that offer these practical benefits.


The weight of the basket itself should be light enough not to affect your riding performance. Choose a basket that balances sturdiness with lightweight construction.

By paying attention to these features, you can select a bicycle basket that enhances your carrying capacity, durability, and overall riding experience.

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